Hey ladies,

The MUFE Basics palette is my all time favourite thing! I use it every day, sometimes twice! All the shades are matte and highly pigmented. There are two base / highlight shades, 5 shades of brown and charcoal.
Here's the video:

Would love to hear what other people's all time favourite item is!

Hi ladies,

I absolutely adore Lancome Le Crayon Khôl eye-liner. It's black, rich, smudge proof and long lasting. It's not drying either. I've tried about 20 eyeliners since I bought this first and I always go back to it!

Love it!

Hey everyone,

I haven't really given mineral make-up a decent try yet. I have tried mineral foundation and it's not for me but I haven't tried any other products. This morning I came across an ebay shop that sells mineral products and decided to order myself a few samples (a few is code for 14 eye shadows, 4 blushes and 2 bronzers!)
I'm really looking forward to trying these!!


What do you think about mineral eye shadows and blushes?

Chat soon


A lovely pink flush! :)

Hey ladies,

Happy St. Paddy's Day! A lovely day off work for many of us in Ireland... thank you St. Patrick :)

I think I might take advantage of the public holiday. Instead of going to the parade in Dublin city I'm going to stay home and record some you tube videos and update my blog! I'm feeling the need to rant about make-up, it's good for the soul! :)

Catch you later

x x x

Hey ladies,

Can anyone well me how pigmented NYX eye shadows are? I'm about to buy a large amount of them but want to make sure they're worth it!
They're having a huge sale, 43 eye shadows for $43;


The NYC pink blush I bought for a couple of euro in Superdrug is lovely! I've been wearing it all week! It gives the skin a lovely pop of colour. Can't believe how cheap it was!

My new puppy Alvin :)

Hi guys,

Loving Barry M Dazzledusts!! Here are my first three

and swatches:

Love them love them love them!!

Hi ladies,

I went into Superdrug and picked up a few of their own brand skin,hair and bath products. I wasn't expecting much because each product cost less than €2! But I am loving them!!

I bought

-Coconut and Shea Butter Body Butter (Gorgeous!!)
-Coconut and sweet almond shampoo
-Coconut and Shea Butter Body lotion (smells gorgeous and leaves skin super soft)
-Coconut and Shea Butter Bath Milk (had a bath earlier with this and I'm a fan!)
-Blonde Shine Boost Shampoo (2nd time I've purchased this, it's light and it did wonders for my fading highlights- great everyday shampoo for blondes)
-Blonde Intensive conditioner (yet to try)

I'm converted! And yes, I do love coconut!! :)

So I'm having a look through videos on you Tube and I come across one named 'My make-up collection', and so my latest obsession began.

I can't stop watching make-up collection videos now! There is something delightful about seeing all the stuff people have collected. I sit there with my notebook, adding to my wish list. I think I'll keep adding to my MAC selection and do one of these videos myself! (a lame excuse to buy more, I know!)

Hey guys,

Don't you hate when you fall in love with a product that's not for sale in the country you live in! How annoying!! I bought Victoria Secret Tahitian Vanilla Flower with Sea Pearl in the US in the summer. If I'd known how much I was going to love this I would have brought home more!
It smells divine, a light tropical scent. It's super moisturising and leaves a gorgeous sheen on the skin.

I'm off to look on ebay!