Hi ladies,

This is pretty random but I though I'd share. Mascara is an essential item for me since I'm so fair but I always saw it as an essential rather than a luxury. As a result I never enjoyed shopping for them. I didn't really have any brand loyalty either so I have pretty much worked my way through most mascara's on the market, all without any love for this essential item( I viewed mascara much the same as toothpaste - just something I need!)

Needless to say, I was very surprised to feel a little excitement when I ran out of my YSL Faux Clix Mascara a few weeks ago. I was actually looking forward to shopping for a new one. In the end I bought 3 because I couldn't decide! Since then I have become mildly obsessed with the one product I never gave a second thought to. I actually look forword to applying it. In the drugstore today I found myself reading the packaging!! How crazy is that?? (I bought L'oreal Telescopic)

I have no idea where this fascination has come from! Maybe I saw an inspiring video on YouTube or maybe it's the power of advertising, either way, I heart drugstore Mascara's :)

Just a bit of fun!! :)

Hi ladies,

I recorded my entry for Allthatglitters21's competition earlier. I have never entered a competition and only did this one because the idea really appealed to me. Elle asked her subscribers to choose a Disney character and recreate their look. I was very excited!! I thought about it and decided on Tinkerbell (she's my favourite!) I tried to do a wearable party look so it's not too 'out there'! :)
I made some attempt at the hair ( a bad attempt!) and up-close:
I really enjoyed making the video. I'm going to upload it in the morning!

Finally, Yay it's the weekend!!!!!

Have a great one ladies, I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

x x x

Hi ladies,

I bought Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Liquid Foundation (what a mouthful!!) I have to say, it's got really fantastic coverage, almost a little too much! It lasted about 7 hours with a primer and finishing powder and the colour was great. It's great for covering the scars on my chin but a little too thick for the rest of my face. All in all a fantastic drug store buy!

Has anyone else tried it?

x x x

Hey girls,

YAY! Got some MAC goodies! I didn't go mad in there, I'm waiting on my Pro card but couldn't resist picking up a few goodies. I bought :

Love Nectar Lustreglass (again! ate through the last one)
Peachykeen Blush
Black Tied eyeshadow
Angel Lipstick
Eye Pencil - Engraved

See I really did behave myself in there :) I didn't look at the blush before I bought it (went on a recommendation) and when I got home I didn't like the look of it in the pan at all. But I've since tested it and I'm happy to report that it's GORGEOUS!! :)

I'm interested to see if the eye-liner stays on my waterline!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, can't believe it's nearly over :(

Swatches I promised in my last video to follow!

x x x

Hi ladies,

I'm loving Ambre Solaire Dry Mist tan! I've spent a fortune on tan over the years (living in Ireland, need I say more!)I was addicted to St.Tropez products but I was a little bored and decided to try something new. I really like Loreal Sublime Bronze Gel as well but it takes too long to dry. Enter Ambre Solaire! It dries after a minute and you can get dressed with no fear of marks. It develops into a natural streak free tan. It also fades evenly which is so important. They have one for the face too which I also love. Best of all it's half price at the moment in Boots! :)

Hi ladies,

I'm back from Malta! I brought a make-up bag full of stuff with me but ended up wearing the same make-up every night!

I wore:
MAC Select Cover Up on my chin and nose (no foundation as I got a bit of colour from the sun)
Physicians Formula Sunset Strip Bronzer - on my eyes
Bobbi Brown Gel eye-liner (sepia ink)
Prestige Bronzer in St. Tropez
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
Benefit Hollywood glow on my cheekbones
Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush - Peach
MAC Love Nectar dazzleglass

I hope the weather improves in Ireland soon so I can keep leaving out the foundation and powder from my routine!

x x x

Hi girls,

Sorry it's taken me forever to update my blog! I'll be home from Malta on Sunday and I will update it regularly, I promise! :) I have been uploading youtube videos though! Social networking has taken over my life!

Ok lets get down to the make-up! :) Here are the swatches I promised in my youtube videos:

Collection 2000 Blushes - I LOVE THEM!!

Left to right: So pretty, Breathless, Trouble

I had the flash on here! They have great pigmentation and come in gorgeous colour!

And the lovely prestige bronzer in St. Tropez - where has this been my adult life??

An lastly, my favourite lip combo this week is Boots Natural Collection Apple Blossom with a clear gloss (thanks again xxBecksieBabesxx!! )

Here is the video where I spoke about these products:

Talk to you girls on Sunday, Have a great week!

x x x