I think I might actually be chilled to the core! That is a miracle for someone who never switches off :)

I´m still trying to catch my breath, My hotel is on a really steep hill appropriately named ´Cardiac Hill´...which has nearly resulted in cardiac arrest on numerous occasions! It took me 10 mins to get up to reception to the nearest computer with all the heat stops. I must be very unfit!

I´ve been lying by the pool today readin my book(The Rapture). Jumping in and out of the pool to cool down. Thanks for all your tips on bringing down the sunburn, they worked a charm.
Ah nostalgic moment... Mariah Carey Always be my Baby is on in the hotel reception. That was my abcolute favourite song when I was 14, I used to sing it in the shower into my shampoo bottle :) Haven´t heard it in years!

I´m off to McDonlads in a few minutes to use their wi-fi so I can upload photos of my purchases, long overdue!

I´m also planning some shopping. The beauty shops seem to stock Dior, Clinique, Helena Rubenstein, Armani etc. Any ´can´t live without´ products you recommend??

Talk to you tomorrow, hopefully with photos this time (major downside of island life)

Amy x

Hi everyone,

I had a busy day shopping in Zara and Bershka. I bought lots of pretty things, I´ll try upload some pictures... looking for wi-fi :)
It is absolutely boiling here. Typical of the Irish to complain about the heat after moaning for a year about the cold!

I have commited mysdelf to learning how to snorkel, I sense danger!

Off for a strole down the beach now... yay!!


Amy x


Yes that is all the Spanish I know :)

Today I tried the Avon SPF for face in a factor higher than I would usually use. Mistake!! I have a big red face! :(
The cream smelled lovely and it wasn´t greasy. I reapplied regularly throughout the day. After the second application my face started to sting. Think I´ll stick to Piz Buin for the rest of ther holiday.

I spent the day at the pool, it was great fun. I´ve decided that it´s time I learned to snorkel. Think I´ll try it in the pool first :)

I´m just back from a health shop where I purchased a significant amount of Aloe Vera gel. I´m hoping it brings the red right down!

I bought myself a gorgeous straw hat today. I was eyeing one at home but knew I wouldn´t be able to pack it. I got a fab one for 8euro, instead of the 50 euro one I had my eye on in Debenhams. Delighted with myself!

Wore my gold gladiator sandals out last night, so comfortable for dancing and still really glamourous. We found a cool bar with great music, I think I´ll probably end up there after dinner tonight :)

I picked up some weird make up which I´m looking forward to trying. I got some cool rings in an Asian fashion shop. They were really cheap so I bought one in every colour!

Think a visit to Zara might be in order tomorrow!

Will post some photos tomorrow too.

Amy x

Hi everyone,

I made it to the Canaries in one piece and have already started shopping...ooops!
There are tonnes of perfume and make up shops selling high end products like Dior, Channel etc but at discounted tax free prices. I´m very happy about this :)
There are also some pretty boutiques and a centre which houses brands like Zara and Bershka (I haven´t ventured there yet!)
My videos will be uploaded every few days by a helpful angel at home... thank you Phil! I´ll buy you something nice.
I´ll update as I buy new things!

I was very happy to find that McDonalds here sells Fruit n Yoghurt. I already had two, I could live on them.
I´m off to get ready for a night out. It´ll take an hour to choose a dress since I brought way too many!

Amy x

Hi everyone!

I bought a Philips Satin Ice Epilator ages ago and haven't had the guts to use it (it looked like millions of little teeth when I turned it on!) I'm heading away on holiday to the Canaries today so I decided to be brave and give it a go (with some encouragement from Rebecca aka Bebiv on twitter, love her blog by the way.... http://bebiv.blogspot.com check her out!)

I waited until after my shower as instructed by Rebecca. I sat on my bedroom floor and went for it. I'm actually still shaking but it was completely worth it! It was actually really quick but by no means pain free. At first it felt the same as having a tattoo done. However, after a few minutes I got the hang of it. The tighter you pull your skin taught the more tolerable the pain is! The ice pack that came with the model I bought is pretty useless though.

So as I mentioned I'm heading off on holiday this afternoon. Fear not, I will still be uploading videos regularly:) and updating my blog! I'm planning to buy some nice beauty and make-up products since its tax free over there (like I need a reason!! ) No doubt I'll be twittering away :)

Slán my lovlies!
Amy x

Here goes my experiment. I swatched MAC Painterly(skin colour) and Blackground(black) Paintpot beside each other and brushed MAC eye shadows on top to see if they look different. Most of them didn't turn out great but there were some surprising ones!

MAC Antiqued
Right - Over Blackground
Left - Over Painter

MAC Swish
Top - Over Painterly
Bottom- Over Blackground

MAC Satin Taupe
Top - Over Blackground
Bottom- Over Painterly

MAC Steamy
Top - Over Blackground
Bottom- Over Painterly

I think I'll be using steamy over Blackground Painpot for nigh time looks, it looks amazing! All That Glitters and woodwinked didn't come out well over the dark paintpot. Deep Truth looks pretty gorgeous, I prefer it over the park paintpot. Swish looks a completely different colour!

Hi ladies,

Here are some goodies I picked up in The Body Shop. I haven't been in there in years. I feel that the products are very over priced for the quality. Their products are not tested on animals and all their butters are fair trade so that's good!

I got Passion Fruit Body Butter (€17), Shea Lip Butter (€7), Cream Blush and Rose Petal Blush (both reduced price) The body butter is very very sweet smelling (think it might actually put me off eating chocolate when I'm wearing it!) but it is incredible moisturising, my skin feels extremely soft and bump free, Yay! The Shea Lip Butter is a little drying, don't think I would re-purchase it.
This blush looks so pretty.The colour is cute, it's quite similar to Benefit Dandelion. I love the flower embossing however, there are chunks of glitter added in to the top layer...a very unwelcome addition! I think these retail for €16, I got it for €9. It definitely isn't worth the full price; it's quite chalky and the colour isn't great on my skin!

The liquid blush reminds me of MAC Peachykeen. It is a tawny colour but gives a similar flush to Peachykeen. I wanted a cream blush as powder is a little heavy for summer. I paid €7 for this, it was reduced so I'm not sure what the full retail price is. The colour is gorgeous and it is quite pigmented, a little goes a long way.

Think I'll stick to buying body products instead of make-up from The Body Shop! I don't know how they justify their prices.

Here's my video:

Hi ladies,

On Saturday I took a trip up North to Belfast. It was my Birthday so I was being treated to bit of a shopping spree. For anyone who isn't Irish, I'm from Dublin in the Republic of Ireland and it is quite expensive here, you don't get a lot for your euro! The North of Ireland uses Sterling and is much better value, hence taking the shopping trip a little further.

I took a little trip into MAC to have a look at the Colour Craft Collection. I had no plans to buy anything the MAC Pro card can't be used in MAC in Belfast so I'm saving myself for my London trip in August. Expect a disgustingly large haul!! :)

I was followed by my very own paparazzi :)

I took a quick look at MAC Colour Craft collection. Here I'm examining the Mineralise Skin Finish trios. I swatched all three and decided I like Triple Fusion the best, it looked really pretty on my cheekbones.

I checked out the 131 Duo Fibre Blush brush (£26.50) and the Mineralise Skin Finishes (£19). Porcelain Pink, Sunny By Nature and Cheeky bronze. I wasn't overly impressed with any of them.

I swatched all of the mineralise blushes too
the only one I really liked was Daft Pink.

I also covered both of my hands in lipsticks :)

I want Hue, Sandy B, Bare Slimshine, Pretty please and Colour Crafted. London here I come :)

Although I didn't snap up anything in MAC (thank you for not accepting Pro-Cards!!) I did pick up a lot of other goodies. I will post a clothing and make-up haul tomorrow!

Slán ladies!

I found a grand opening giveaway, by Pink Coast Designs!

To join the contest you must:

  • be a follower of her blog
  • post a blog entry about the contest, along with links to the blog and website www.pinkcoastdesigns.com, and a picture of your favorite piece from her collection
  • leave a comment with a url to your blog post of the giveaway
And the prize...The Morning Glory necklace, so pretty!!

My favorite piece is 'Home is Where the Heart Is'

Here is a link to her website http://www.pinkcoastdesigns.com
and her blog http://pinkcoastdesigns.blogspot.com/

Good luck everyone!!

I really love the Coconut Body Soufflé from Primark/Penneys. The large tub cost only €2.50 and it's so rich. The fragrance is pure coconut and I love it!. I think I might actually prefer it to Body Butters from The Body Shop(€17).

The lipbalm is gorgeous. It's much nicer that a Butter Lip Balm I bought in The Body Shop and it was a quarter of the price! I put wore it over MAC Creme Cup Lipstick today and it looks so pretty!

I love taking a bath so therefore am quite addicted to bubble bath (At any one stage I have at least 5 bubble baths/Bath Oils on my bathroom shelf and there is a fast turnover!) This one smells divine, it reminds me of being on holiday.

I will definitely be buying these product again!!

Have a great day everyone x

Hi ladies,

Here are the swatches of my new goodies:

High Tea Lipstick - Beige Nude

It's a neutral warm shade, it's also creamy and very sheer

Paradisco - I'll try put up a better swatch. It's a coral shade,not loving it yet!!

Dazzledust by Barry M Number 44. Gorgeous gold shade. Can't wait to try this when I have a better tan!

Anyone who knows me is aware of my tenancy to obsess about certain things very briefly and then move on! This refers only to interests, hobbies and food of course :) At the moment I am addicted to earrings. I can't stop buying them! They're just so pretty!!!
I picked up a few pairs this week in Accessorize and I'm in love...

I bought these in Accesorise but I saw them in Look Magazine earlier being sold in Penneys/Primark for £1.50! They're not too heavy either!

Loved the colour of these, my mam picked them out. They seem to look nice with my hair colour.

I wore these with a strapless navy fitted dress the other day.

They cost €10 a pair in Accesorize.
I wonder what my next obsession will be... :)

Hi ladies,

The weather in Ireland at the moment is ridiculous! The sun is shinning one minute and then there's a downpour the next. This has become quite the dilemma in the morning when I'm standing on front of the wardrobe trying to choose something to wear. I think us Irish ladies have long accepted that we need to carry a mini Umbrella in our handbags year round but this weather is ridiculous; no umbrella is going to protect out hair from gale force nine winds accompanied by torrential rain!

So this morning I tried to dress for summer but bearing in mind that the temperature could drop at any minute or the heavens could open. I had to layer appropriately :)

Today wasn't a day for high heels...completely against everything I stand for :) I had quite a lot of walking to do! I hate wearing flats, I'm too little :)

I bought my sunglasses in Accesorize last week for €24. I was delighted when I found them as very few pairs of large glasses suit my face. I might go and buy another pair just in case :)
My bag is by Guess (it's my favourite!)
The yellow coat is so sunny and cheerful and was definitely needed today.
I bought my white jeans in Zara.
I love the long butterfly necklace, I got it in Claire's.

Hi ladies!

I love make-up and beauty books! I buy them fairly regularly and have quite a large collection. However, there are very few that I would recommend!

Here are some that I love:
Make Your Mind Up - François Nars - Amazon.co.uk €27
Fabulous photography. Before and after pictures with a clear overlay to show you where to apply the product. However, it's not great for application techniques. This book is really inspirational but many of the looks are for high fashion. The day looks gave me great ideas but I didn't actually feel I wanted to re-create any of the looks. This book is a great asset for a make-up artist or photographer.

Face Forward - Kevin Aucoin
This book is full of celebrities! I've had this book for about 7 years and I still enjoy leafing through it. In this book Kevin basically makes celebrities into icons; for example, he made Gwyneth Paltrow into James Dean! His work is amazing and incredibly inspiring for a make-up artist or anyone who enjoys creativity. However, the application methods are not explained very well and sketches are used in the step by step guide.

Make-Up Makeovers - Weddings - Robert Jones - Amazon.co.uk €8 - Great make-up tips for natural, wearable looks too!
This is a great book for anyone who a)wants to start or has a career doing bridal make-up b) anyone who wants to do their own make-up on their wedding day and c)anyone who wants to create natural flawless make-up looks! The photographs are great and there is a breakdown on what to use to create each look without naming any brands. The tips and methods are well delivered. This book is full of useful information.

and my favourite....
Bobbi Brown Make-Up Manual - Hughes & Hughes €27 (Probably cheaper on Amazon!)
This is just a fabulous book. It takes you through methods of application, what to put in a make-up kit, how to go about putting a portfolio together, how to get experience, how to secure work, different types of products, skin type, colouring etc
Most make-up books are all about the pictures, this isn't one of those books, It's a Make-up bible!! :)I thoroughly enjoyed this books...in fact, I think I'll read it again!
Here is my video on Make-up books where you can see what's inside the cover:

Are there any beauty/make-up books you love?

As I mentioned in my latest You Tube Video, I have braved the Maxi Dress. Yes, all 5foot 3 of me!! :) This dress is a size too big for me and its supposed to be empire line but as you can see from the picture it's just dangling. I need to go find one that fits well!! It's also quite low cut so I'll have to be careful :)

Right ladies I need your opinion!

I bought a Ford Focus last September on a whim. It's not really a 'me' type of car but I like the engine power :) To be honest, I can't get used to the size and weight of it! I'd say watching me parallel park is hilarious. I've been thinking about trading down to something small and cute!
Realistically I'll make a loss with the market the way it is but I figure I'll be making car payments for my whole life regardless! Also, the car I had in mind has the same engine size as the Focus, is much lighter and would be much more fuel efficient :)

Here is the Ford Focus Zetec I have right now:

An the cute little guy I'm thinking of trading for:

Let me know what you think! Am I crazy?
Amy x

Hi ladies,

Summer Beauty Tips:

UV Filter Hair Spray is essential for anyone who doesn't eant their hair to lighten in the sun but especially for those with coloured hair. Coloured hair has already been damaged by chemicals and is prone to dryness so it's probably best to avoid any further sun damage. Here are my two favourites:
Redken UV Rescue Blonde Guard
Schwarzkopf Bonacure Sun UV Protection Spray
I love the Avon UV Filter Sprays too! They're in the perfume section. I bought one last week that's scented like their Tahitian perfume...Yummy!!

I always use a separate SPF for my face. My favourite is Ambre Solaire Hydrating Protecting Cream for the face spf 15 or 30. I also love Avon Face Sun cream and Piz Buin (oil free)Make sure ut mentions both UVA and UVB protection on the bottle!

To avoid the Monica frizz hair I mentioned :) ...I love John Frieda Anti-Humidifier Spray and Frizz Ease (they now sell a mini bottle for travelling)

Summer Make-up:
Revlon Primer
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer
MAC Powerpoint eyeliner in Engraved - Waterproof!!
Telescopic Mascara
MAC Creme de Nude Lipstick
MAC Love Nectar Lip gloss
Prestige Bronzer - St Tropez
MAC eye-shadow - Woodwinked

Here is a video I recorded- Summer Beauty Tips:

Hi everyone!

I'm planning a trip to London In August :) So I have been giving my shopping list some thought! I would like to try some different brands, I've become settled in my ways :)

So far I want to get:
Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation
Laura Mercier Duo Concealer
John Masterson Sea Spray
Nars Albatross High Light
Nars Sabrina Lip Balm
Chi Silk Infusion
Stilla Eye shadow - Kitten
St Tropez Mousse (replacement)
St Tropez Everyday
Revlon Colourstay (replacement) It's much cheaper in the UK so I'll buy 2 :)
...I'll have to keep adding to this over the next month!

I'd like to try a few more Urban Decay products too. I really like the Ammo Palette! Unfortunately I hated the Baked set I bought a few months ago but I love their eye shadows. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I think I'd also like to try some Two Faced products (the only one I've tried is Shadow Insurance. I'll definitely be scheduling a trip to the MAC Pro store too!

I also need to give some thought to entertainment! The last time I went to London I went to see Wicked and Dirty Dancing in the West End. I love Musicals so I think I'll see what's on in August. I'm hoping Mamma Mia or The Lion King :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Amy x