Hi everyone,

I made it to the Canaries in one piece and have already started shopping...ooops!
There are tonnes of perfume and make up shops selling high end products like Dior, Channel etc but at discounted tax free prices. I´m very happy about this :)
There are also some pretty boutiques and a centre which houses brands like Zara and Bershka (I haven´t ventured there yet!)
My videos will be uploaded every few days by a helpful angel at home... thank you Phil! I´ll buy you something nice.
I´ll update as I buy new things!

I was very happy to find that McDonalds here sells Fruit n Yoghurt. I already had two, I could live on them.
I´m off to get ready for a night out. It´ll take an hour to choose a dress since I brought way too many!

Amy x