Hi everyone!

I bought a Philips Satin Ice Epilator ages ago and haven't had the guts to use it (it looked like millions of little teeth when I turned it on!) I'm heading away on holiday to the Canaries today so I decided to be brave and give it a go (with some encouragement from Rebecca aka Bebiv on twitter, love her blog by the way.... http://bebiv.blogspot.com check her out!)

I waited until after my shower as instructed by Rebecca. I sat on my bedroom floor and went for it. I'm actually still shaking but it was completely worth it! It was actually really quick but by no means pain free. At first it felt the same as having a tattoo done. However, after a few minutes I got the hang of it. The tighter you pull your skin taught the more tolerable the pain is! The ice pack that came with the model I bought is pretty useless though.

So as I mentioned I'm heading off on holiday this afternoon. Fear not, I will still be uploading videos regularly:) and updating my blog! I'm planning to buy some nice beauty and make-up products since its tax free over there (like I need a reason!! ) No doubt I'll be twittering away :)

Slán my lovlies!
Amy x