Hi ladies,

On Saturday I took a trip up North to Belfast. It was my Birthday so I was being treated to bit of a shopping spree. For anyone who isn't Irish, I'm from Dublin in the Republic of Ireland and it is quite expensive here, you don't get a lot for your euro! The North of Ireland uses Sterling and is much better value, hence taking the shopping trip a little further.

I took a little trip into MAC to have a look at the Colour Craft Collection. I had no plans to buy anything the MAC Pro card can't be used in MAC in Belfast so I'm saving myself for my London trip in August. Expect a disgustingly large haul!! :)

I was followed by my very own paparazzi :)

I took a quick look at MAC Colour Craft collection. Here I'm examining the Mineralise Skin Finish trios. I swatched all three and decided I like Triple Fusion the best, it looked really pretty on my cheekbones.

I checked out the 131 Duo Fibre Blush brush (£26.50) and the Mineralise Skin Finishes (£19). Porcelain Pink, Sunny By Nature and Cheeky bronze. I wasn't overly impressed with any of them.

I swatched all of the mineralise blushes too
the only one I really liked was Daft Pink.

I also covered both of my hands in lipsticks :)

I want Hue, Sandy B, Bare Slimshine, Pretty please and Colour Crafted. London here I come :)

Although I didn't snap up anything in MAC (thank you for not accepting Pro-Cards!!) I did pick up a lot of other goodies. I will post a clothing and make-up haul tomorrow!

Slán ladies!