Here goes my experiment. I swatched MAC Painterly(skin colour) and Blackground(black) Paintpot beside each other and brushed MAC eye shadows on top to see if they look different. Most of them didn't turn out great but there were some surprising ones!

MAC Antiqued
Right - Over Blackground
Left - Over Painter

MAC Swish
Top - Over Painterly
Bottom- Over Blackground

MAC Satin Taupe
Top - Over Blackground
Bottom- Over Painterly

MAC Steamy
Top - Over Blackground
Bottom- Over Painterly

I think I'll be using steamy over Blackground Painpot for nigh time looks, it looks amazing! All That Glitters and woodwinked didn't come out well over the dark paintpot. Deep Truth looks pretty gorgeous, I prefer it over the park paintpot. Swish looks a completely different colour!