Hi ladies!

I love make-up and beauty books! I buy them fairly regularly and have quite a large collection. However, there are very few that I would recommend!

Here are some that I love:
Make Your Mind Up - François Nars - Amazon.co.uk €27
Fabulous photography. Before and after pictures with a clear overlay to show you where to apply the product. However, it's not great for application techniques. This book is really inspirational but many of the looks are for high fashion. The day looks gave me great ideas but I didn't actually feel I wanted to re-create any of the looks. This book is a great asset for a make-up artist or photographer.

Face Forward - Kevin Aucoin
This book is full of celebrities! I've had this book for about 7 years and I still enjoy leafing through it. In this book Kevin basically makes celebrities into icons; for example, he made Gwyneth Paltrow into James Dean! His work is amazing and incredibly inspiring for a make-up artist or anyone who enjoys creativity. However, the application methods are not explained very well and sketches are used in the step by step guide.

Make-Up Makeovers - Weddings - Robert Jones - Amazon.co.uk €8 - Great make-up tips for natural, wearable looks too!
This is a great book for anyone who a)wants to start or has a career doing bridal make-up b) anyone who wants to do their own make-up on their wedding day and c)anyone who wants to create natural flawless make-up looks! The photographs are great and there is a breakdown on what to use to create each look without naming any brands. The tips and methods are well delivered. This book is full of useful information.

and my favourite....
Bobbi Brown Make-Up Manual - Hughes & Hughes €27 (Probably cheaper on Amazon!)
This is just a fabulous book. It takes you through methods of application, what to put in a make-up kit, how to go about putting a portfolio together, how to get experience, how to secure work, different types of products, skin type, colouring etc
Most make-up books are all about the pictures, this isn't one of those books, It's a Make-up bible!! :)I thoroughly enjoyed this books...in fact, I think I'll read it again!
Here is my video on Make-up books where you can see what's inside the cover:

Are there any beauty/make-up books you love?