I'm delighted to announce that my new blog/website is live!

The only problem is that Blogspot wouldn't allow me transfer my blog followers over. Boo Hoo! It would be great if you could re-follow :)  http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie 

I am so excited about the site! I will be updating my new blog every afternoon (yes I now have a designated blog time haha). To thank my followers for moving over (and to thank my new followers) I'll be running a blog competition with MAC prizes :)

Sending love to you all :)

Amy x

I got a request from sterne27 on YT to show the tattoo on my wrist so I decided to show you them all! :)

I got this tattoo on my wrist in The Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas last summer. What happened in Vegas certainly didn't stay in Vegas! haha It says Viva la Vida and it means 'Love Life' and coincidently is the name of a Coldplay song :) This phrase is a nice reminder to relax, something I often forget to do.

This was my first tattoo, it's on my lower back. I often forget I even have this one because I can't see it :)

This picture was taken in the tattoo parlour so it's all red and blotchy. It's quite light and delicate now.
It's Persian and it translates 'It's not in how we fall but how we rise'.

Yet another video ladies :) It won't be posted on YouTube.
Let me know what you think and pop a comment under the video :)


Thanks for checking it out!I really appreciate it.

Amy x

 Here are some pictures of my new train case :)


Haul from beauty suppliers :)

Thanks for watching ladies :)

Amy x

 OH MY GOD!!! This is the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me. I was in tears! This has just made my year. Thank you so so much Maxime (http://twitter.com/Maxibee), you are truly amazing.
I'm still trying to figure out what I've done to deserve this! I feel so humbled.

Made me realise how many goofy faces I make!! I'm still in shock, this is such an incredibly thing for someone to do, I don't deserve this!

Amy x

Hi everyone,

Here's the video so many of you requested, Pink make-up (includes foundation,lips, eyes and cheeks) that I was wearing in my monthly favourites video :) See my  monthly favourites video below the tutorial.

And here's my monthly favourites video...

There was a product launch event on in The Body Shop on Thursday. There was 20% off everthing for people who had BS cards so how could I resist :)
The Body Shop have also lowered their prices, Finally. Way too over priced. The last time I mentioned them on YouTube I had quite a few comments from people saying that they had been bought out by a big cosmetics company and that this company tested on animals. I looked into this before returning and found that they have been taken over but that their fair trade/animal protection policies still stand!

Vanilla and  Nutmeg Body Butter. This is from their festive collection. It has a soft subtle scent, unlike the Papaya one that nearly made me sick!

I decided to try a perfume oil in coconut. It's quite soft and pretty, not overpowering at all. I added some into a plain moisturiser the other day and it was gorgeous.

I also picked up this Tinted Glow Enhancer 02, which I am loving! It gives a soft glow without shimmer or shine.
I have worn it on its own and under foundation. Here's a swatch...

I also got a free clutch, which I'm loving!

I never really liked The Body Shop but I'm happy with my purchases :)

Amy x