I got a request from sterne27 on YT to show the tattoo on my wrist so I decided to show you them all! :)

I got this tattoo on my wrist in The Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas last summer. What happened in Vegas certainly didn't stay in Vegas! haha It says Viva la Vida and it means 'Love Life' and coincidently is the name of a Coldplay song :) This phrase is a nice reminder to relax, something I often forget to do.

This was my first tattoo, it's on my lower back. I often forget I even have this one because I can't see it :)

This picture was taken in the tattoo parlour so it's all red and blotchy. It's quite light and delicate now.
It's Persian and it translates 'It's not in how we fall but how we rise'.