Hi everyone,

Hope you're all having a good week.

There's a lot of drama on YouTube this week so I decided to do something fun.
Enter make-up... :)

I love the smokey eye look. This is my super easy and quick way to get the look.
Check out mSmokey Eye Tutorial Video on Sarah's blog ... Click here

                                  Click here for tutorial

Please leave me a comment on her blog and as always I'll put every comment into a randomiser and someone will win a M.A.C Lustre Glass. I'd love some feedback since I'm always afraid of doing tutorials haha.

This is the look I wore in my Favourite Shoes video. I had lots of  requests for it.

Thanks ladies :)

                                 Amy x

I was contacted by Sunlove a few weeks ago. They asked if I would like to try a sample. There was no mention of reviews or videos at that stage, just sending me a sample.
I hadn't heard too much about them (I was away for the July/August drama!) They were aware that I was sick and sent me sweet messages to wish me well. I was impressed.
However, a few days ago I posted a video (which I pre-recorded a few weeks ago) about St Moriz and St Tropez. I received quite an offensive message. They were wondering why I said I was sick and then made a video about another tan and not sunlove. They also mentioned that they are not a dodgy company and said some negative things about the tans I had reviewed and named an agent I could contact to check his company ( I have no idea why, all I did was get delayed in getting back to them, I  made no insinuations!)I was furious and I wondered why a company would contact me in this manner so I decided to do a bit of research. It was then that I found gemsmaquillage's video and blog post ...

Gemma's You Tube video about Sunlove:
Gemma's blogpost: 

I will not be reviewing their product. However, I would like to say that had they continued being nice to me I probably would not have researched them and found the horrible tweets etc so I respect every guru who did a review and recommended sunlove, I would have done the very same had I not have learned about their unprofessionalism.

I have noticed that Sunlove have attacked people who did not want to try their product. I wanted to make my followers aware of the situation before I contact Sunlove to tell them I will be returning their sample. I will be prepared for some slander on their part, since they have proved again and again that this is how they handle their customers.

Thanks for reading,

  Amy x

                          Cooking with Lex

As you know I'm mad about make-up, beauty and fashion. What you may not know is that I love to bake! Show me an image of well decorated cupcakes on a pretty cake stand and I'm as happy as I would be in a shoe shop.

I also spend quite a lot of time online looking at recipes. It never occured to me to find someone who blogs about cooking.
Enter Lex! I know Lex from YouTube (I love her hauls and we do transatlantic swaps) She tweeted a link to her blog, low and behold images of pretty cupcakes and cookies appeared...instant heaven! I am delighted Lex has started a Cookery Blog. There are excellent recipes up there. I like that they are tried and tested (many are passed from older family members). Usually when I find recipes online I have no idea how it will turn out, now they are Lex tested :)

If you enjoy cooking and baking here's the link: 

Cooking with Lex ... http://cookingwithlex.blogspot.com
Her YouTube Channel ... http://www.youtube.com/user/snookielex

The image above is from her blog.

                                    Amy x

I'm a self confessed St Tropez addict. It is quite expensive (€39) so when I heard that there was a product that has the same colour, quality etc I was delighted. When I saw the price tag (€5) I was even more delighted. I bought some on ebay and gave it a try. It would be brilliant if I didn't have to spend so much money on tan! Here's my video;

Self Tan Review: St. Moriz v's St. Tropez

What's your favourite self tan product?


missmercurylady is having a great competition!! http://missmercurylady.blogspot.com


Here are the rules:

1. Must be a follower
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3. Post the link where you posted her giveaway in the comments section
4. Tell her one of your TOP HGs and why should she try it in the comments section.

**If with this giveaway she somehow hit 100 followers, she will throw in 4 more prizes. So 5 winners total.

WINNER will be selected using random.org

Contest will end October 13!

I'm loving waist cinching belts at the moment. I have an hour glass body shape (Bust and hips are the same width with a small waist)

I'm currently a UK8, I have quite a long waist so I like to wear thicker belts. I'm quite short (petite is a nicer word!) so adding a belt and heels seems to add height and interest.

Rather oddly all of my favourites are from Primark/Penneys so they are super cheap (between €2 and €4!)
I have quite a collection but here are my favourites:




I love them all equally and wear them to death!

There's something about this outfit that I love. I don't love any of the individual pieces but I love the over all effect. I had this on my desktop and couldn't stop looking at it! haha It's so warm and cosy :)I think I may try put together a similar look from my own wardrobe. (since I won't be paying £950 for the Chloe dress!!)

Waiting by Leena* featuring Rick Owens

What are you wearing for Autumn?

Amy x

Since I'm sick and house bound (boo hoo!) I'm very miserbable and bored. I decided to de-pot some MAC eye-shadows and blushes, something I've been meaning to do for weeks.

I completed the de-potting without cutting or burning myself... a miracle! As I was putting the shadows into my paletts I decided that I was enjoying myself. I took out every shadow and sorted them by colour. I'd never have done this except I was so bored! Haha So I decided to share :)

Blush: Well Dressed, Peeches, Lillicent (yes I nearly melted it!)
Stark Naked, Peechykeen, Blunt

Carbon, Smut, Deep Truth
Black Tied, Knight Devine, Steamy
Print, Naval.

Ego,Da Bling , Cranberry, Red Brick
Paradisco, Swish, Sketch
Coral, Stars n' Rockets, Beautymarked

Phloof, omega, Mythologgy, Sable, Beautyburst
All that Glitters,Patina, Woodwinked, Twinks, Coppering
Pollinator, Tempting, Satin Taupe, Antiqued

Now all I need to do is fill the gaps :)

Hi ladies,

Here are the swatches of my newest M.A.C eye-shadow additions. I'd love to hear how you wear these shades, particularly what colours you wear them with :)

Cranberry, Naval, Coppering, Twinks

                                                     Knight Devine, Smut, Carbon, Print

                                                      Omega, Patina, Coral, Brick Red

                                               Bottom to top: Da Bling, Ego, Pollinator, Paradisco

And here's the video :)

Thanks for watching everyone!

Amy x

Hi everyone,

I'm addicted to John Frieda products at the moment. My hair has been quite dry lately. I assume a summer of sun and chlorine has done my hair no favours.

When I was in Lanzarote my hair was completely un-managable. I think the extra mineral content in the water makes my hair limp and very difficult to style. I set out to find a deep conditioning treatment.

I came across John Frieda Frizz Ease Recovery Mask in the supermarket so gladly gave it a go. It is recommended to leave the product in for 5 minuntes but since my hair was so dry I left it in for an hour and then rinsed it out.

My hair was like silk afterwards! I was so pleased that I bought a whole tub of it when I got home. I now use it once a fortnight for 5 minutes.

Since I loved it so much I decided to try some of their other products. I settled on Frizz Ease Serum. I don't usually have frizzy hair but occasionally after lots of styling my hair could do with a relaxing serum.

I applied a small amount to damp hair, avoiding the roots like the plague. I let my hair dry naturally. My hair was really soft afterwards. A downside for me is that whenever I use the serum my hair gets greasy more quickly.

I think I'll stick to the Miraculouos Recovery Mask and save the serum for really bad hair days (the kind that only happen once or twice a year!)

I'm keen to try their range for Blondes.

What are your favourite hair products?

Amy x

Hi everyone,

I'd love if you would check out my new video, 5 Minute Make-up. This one won't be on YouTube, it's on Sarah's blog. Here's the link;


It'd be great if you could let me know what you  think by leaving a comment below the video. I'll do the same as I did for my last video on Sarah's blog; one comment will be chosen at random and that person will win a M.A.C Lipglass :)

The look in the video is my usual day make-up. I also usually wear this look in YouTube videos. It's really quick and easy because I'm always running late :)

Thank you all for your support!

Amy x

This type of video has been requested a lot!

Eimear loves make-up! Although she doesn't wear very much since she's so young! But she did let me experiment on her, thanks Eimear! :)

All the products I used on her are from Boots and are super cheap.

Hope you enjoy!

Amy x

I was very excited to try a new cleansing routine. It turns out my skin doesn't seem to like change. After a week I woke up with a big breakout on my chin. I usually use Quinoderm but my chin was sore all over so I didn't want to use anything too harsh.
I picked up  Clearasil Ultra Vanishing 3 Day Acne Treatment Cream when I was in Spain (there weren't any other options!) and it worked then so I decided to give it another go. I applied it morning and night and my skin was nearly perfect after two and a half days.
One of it's main ingredients is Salicylic Acid which causes cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, preventing pores from clogging up and allowing room for new cell growth. Some people are allergic to Salicylic Acid so be careful. 

I'll definitely repurchase this product. I may even bin my Quinoderm!  

Amy x

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Why trying out mascara, of course!
I decided to give Boots No. 7’s new Extravagant Lashes mascara a go. As you may already know, I usually don't like No7 products but I couldn't resist a new mascara and the name of this one had me pretty excited. Sad, I know!

Boots’ words:

“Extravagant loading for luxurious volume and a memory polymer that lifts and curls lashes.”

The image shows a unique pink brush, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed to find that the brush was black. The really unique feature of this mascara is that it has a square brush. I was looking forward to having extravagant, dramatic lashes.

Firstly let me say that I really like the packaging, It's quite classy. Although I was excited about trying the square brush I was a little concerned that the size and shape of the brush would make it difficult to apply, particularly behind my lashes and lower lashes.

I started by applying one coat. I took my time as I found the brush was a little large for the size of my lid. The brush felt too chunky and because of it's squareness I had to manoeuvre the wand away from my skin. This is definitely not a mascara I would choose when in a hurry, it would be all over my face! I like mascara's with big wands but I feel this one needs to be tapered.

Initially the brush helped lift the lashes. However, after a few coats my lases started to stick together, it did not separate the lashes. It is also really hard to coat the back of my lashes, which is a necessity for me since I have such fair lashes.

It does give a smooth and non-flaky finish but it didn't give lift. It also provided less than average volume.

Overall, It's very disappointing. This won't be staying in my make-up bag.
Bottom line, the name 'Extravagant Lashes' is a bit of a stretch. This mascara cost €16, I feel robbed!

Hi everyone!

My friend Sarah has started a blog and to help her get some followers I made a video for her page. It won't be on my channel so please check it out :) http://www.westcoastcooler.ie/blog/

Would love if you could check it out and follow her! She's doing some work for west coast cooler. Her blog is fab and she has a competition to win a €5000 shippping trip in London.

The video is about the many different types of concealers and how I use them on a daily basis. Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for your support ladies!


Amy x