I was contacted by Sunlove a few weeks ago. They asked if I would like to try a sample. There was no mention of reviews or videos at that stage, just sending me a sample.
I hadn't heard too much about them (I was away for the July/August drama!) They were aware that I was sick and sent me sweet messages to wish me well. I was impressed.
However, a few days ago I posted a video (which I pre-recorded a few weeks ago) about St Moriz and St Tropez. I received quite an offensive message. They were wondering why I said I was sick and then made a video about another tan and not sunlove. They also mentioned that they are not a dodgy company and said some negative things about the tans I had reviewed and named an agent I could contact to check his company ( I have no idea why, all I did was get delayed in getting back to them, I  made no insinuations!)I was furious and I wondered why a company would contact me in this manner so I decided to do a bit of research. It was then that I found gemsmaquillage's video and blog post ...

Gemma's You Tube video about Sunlove:
Gemma's blogpost: 

I will not be reviewing their product. However, I would like to say that had they continued being nice to me I probably would not have researched them and found the horrible tweets etc so I respect every guru who did a review and recommended sunlove, I would have done the very same had I not have learned about their unprofessionalism.

I have noticed that Sunlove have attacked people who did not want to try their product. I wanted to make my followers aware of the situation before I contact Sunlove to tell them I will be returning their sample. I will be prepared for some slander on their part, since they have proved again and again that this is how they handle their customers.

Thanks for reading,

  Amy x