Cooking with Lex

As you know I'm mad about make-up, beauty and fashion. What you may not know is that I love to bake! Show me an image of well decorated cupcakes on a pretty cake stand and I'm as happy as I would be in a shoe shop.

I also spend quite a lot of time online looking at recipes. It never occured to me to find someone who blogs about cooking.
Enter Lex! I know Lex from YouTube (I love her hauls and we do transatlantic swaps) She tweeted a link to her blog, low and behold images of pretty cupcakes and cookies appeared...instant heaven! I am delighted Lex has started a Cookery Blog. There are excellent recipes up there. I like that they are tried and tested (many are passed from older family members). Usually when I find recipes online I have no idea how it will turn out, now they are Lex tested :)

If you enjoy cooking and baking here's the link: 

Cooking with Lex ...
Her YouTube Channel ...

The image above is from her blog.

                                    Amy x