My local beauty salon have recently started offering Glyolic peels as part of their services.
I have some discolouration on my chin from teenage spots. The texture of the skin there is different to the rest of my skin. I spoke to the dermatologist about this and she recommended a mild glycolic peel. In order to prepare my skin for the a few treatments I was told to use this cleanser for a month before treatment (which cost €51!Extremely expensive for a cleanser!!)


It says on the box that the cleanser is suitable for all skin types that require deep clean, refining of pores, lines and congestion. It can be used to remove make-up which I'm quite thankful for as I couldn't possibly add more steps into my beauty regime, I'm far too lazy! It also removes eye make-up remover without irritating your eyes.
I was told not to use this whilst on holiday as it can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.


I've been using it for 2 weeks morning and before bed. The texture of the area has improved dramatically and I have seen a huge improvement in pore congestion. The dermatologist recommended I use this product for one month every year.
I'm really happy with the results so far. I'll let you know my final verdict in 2 weeks :) Hopefully I won't get any irritation.

I bought mine in Slender Health Beauty Salon in Dublin.
This particular product can only be sold by professionals because it has such a high percentage of glycolic acid(it doesn't state what percentage on the box as it's not sold commercially. I would suggest that you see a dermatologist if you want to try a similar product, as any glycolic acid product you can buy online will not not be the same strength and will not provide dramatic results.


I bought these sexy shoes from Aldo but I haven't a clue what to wear with them yet! Help! :)

They cost €74

I was also eyeing up this bag!

When I arrived back from my trip I had problems fitting the contents of my suitcase in my closets...yes, plural :) I decided to do a clear-out since most of the clothes didn't fit after some weight loss.
I am ashamed to admit that I filled ELEVEN large refuse sacks. I felt so guilty that I had that many clothes. The bags wouldn't even fit in the car so that I could bring them to the charity shop (one of the shops employees came and picked them up in a van!)

Now I have a dilema! I have nothing to wear... ha ha! I need to put a staple wardrobe together.
Th problem is I have no idea what constitutes a wardrobe staple.
In the past I used to buy things because they were pretty, I never thought about what I could wear with the item so I ended up with hundreds of random pieces.

I'd like to buy some really good quality pieces for my wardrobe. I'd rather have a few well tailored items than a tonne of random things.

It's time for some research!! : )


Hi everyone,

After my nice break I'm back to blogging regularly!

I'm having difficulty getting my holiday photos from my camera, lost the cable! Uh Oh! So I decided to blog about some items that I am hoping to add to my wardrobe this week.

I ordered both of these, one in navy one in grey. I know,I know, self control is the order of the day. I'll probably send the one I like least back. They look like they fit well. They cost £40 each.

I saw a girl in a shopping centre wearing these and I had to ask her where she got them, they looked amazing sexy on. They're from Aldo. Will start the search tomorrow.

From I love this dress, it's so dainty!

From, soooooo Amy!! :)

So these are the items I will be hunting this week. When I started typing this entry I was only thinking about the blazers, by the end I bought 2! What is wrong with me?! :)