When I arrived back from my trip I had problems fitting the contents of my suitcase in my closets...yes, plural :) I decided to do a clear-out since most of the clothes didn't fit after some weight loss.
I am ashamed to admit that I filled ELEVEN large refuse sacks. I felt so guilty that I had that many clothes. The bags wouldn't even fit in the car so that I could bring them to the charity shop (one of the shops employees came and picked them up in a van!)

Now I have a dilema! I have nothing to wear... ha ha! I need to put a staple wardrobe together.
Th problem is I have no idea what constitutes a wardrobe staple.
In the past I used to buy things because they were pretty, I never thought about what I could wear with the item so I ended up with hundreds of random pieces.

I'd like to buy some really good quality pieces for my wardrobe. I'd rather have a few well tailored items than a tonne of random things.

It's time for some research!! : )