Hi ladies,

The weather in Ireland at the moment is ridiculous! The sun is shinning one minute and then there's a downpour the next. This has become quite the dilemma in the morning when I'm standing on front of the wardrobe trying to choose something to wear. I think us Irish ladies have long accepted that we need to carry a mini Umbrella in our handbags year round but this weather is ridiculous; no umbrella is going to protect out hair from gale force nine winds accompanied by torrential rain!

So this morning I tried to dress for summer but bearing in mind that the temperature could drop at any minute or the heavens could open. I had to layer appropriately :)

Today wasn't a day for high heels...completely against everything I stand for :) I had quite a lot of walking to do! I hate wearing flats, I'm too little :)

I bought my sunglasses in Accesorize last week for €24. I was delighted when I found them as very few pairs of large glasses suit my face. I might go and buy another pair just in case :)
My bag is by Guess (it's my favourite!)
The yellow coat is so sunny and cheerful and was definitely needed today.
I bought my white jeans in Zara.
I love the long butterfly necklace, I got it in Claire's.