I really love the Coconut Body Soufflé from Primark/Penneys. The large tub cost only €2.50 and it's so rich. The fragrance is pure coconut and I love it!. I think I might actually prefer it to Body Butters from The Body Shop(€17).

The lipbalm is gorgeous. It's much nicer that a Butter Lip Balm I bought in The Body Shop and it was a quarter of the price! I put wore it over MAC Creme Cup Lipstick today and it looks so pretty!

I love taking a bath so therefore am quite addicted to bubble bath (At any one stage I have at least 5 bubble baths/Bath Oils on my bathroom shelf and there is a fast turnover!) This one smells divine, it reminds me of being on holiday.

I will definitely be buying these product again!!

Have a great day everyone x