Yes that is all the Spanish I know :)

Today I tried the Avon SPF for face in a factor higher than I would usually use. Mistake!! I have a big red face! :(
The cream smelled lovely and it wasn´t greasy. I reapplied regularly throughout the day. After the second application my face started to sting. Think I´ll stick to Piz Buin for the rest of ther holiday.

I spent the day at the pool, it was great fun. I´ve decided that it´s time I learned to snorkel. Think I´ll try it in the pool first :)

I´m just back from a health shop where I purchased a significant amount of Aloe Vera gel. I´m hoping it brings the red right down!

I bought myself a gorgeous straw hat today. I was eyeing one at home but knew I wouldn´t be able to pack it. I got a fab one for 8euro, instead of the 50 euro one I had my eye on in Debenhams. Delighted with myself!

Wore my gold gladiator sandals out last night, so comfortable for dancing and still really glamourous. We found a cool bar with great music, I think I´ll probably end up there after dinner tonight :)

I picked up some weird make up which I´m looking forward to trying. I got some cool rings in an Asian fashion shop. They were really cheap so I bought one in every colour!

Think a visit to Zara might be in order tomorrow!

Will post some photos tomorrow too.

Amy x