Hi everyone!

I'm planning a trip to London In August :) So I have been giving my shopping list some thought! I would like to try some different brands, I've become settled in my ways :)

So far I want to get:
Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation
Laura Mercier Duo Concealer
John Masterson Sea Spray
Nars Albatross High Light
Nars Sabrina Lip Balm
Chi Silk Infusion
Stilla Eye shadow - Kitten
St Tropez Mousse (replacement)
St Tropez Everyday
Revlon Colourstay (replacement) It's much cheaper in the UK so I'll buy 2 :)
...I'll have to keep adding to this over the next month!

I'd like to try a few more Urban Decay products too. I really like the Ammo Palette! Unfortunately I hated the Baked set I bought a few months ago but I love their eye shadows. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I think I'd also like to try some Two Faced products (the only one I've tried is Shadow Insurance. I'll definitely be scheduling a trip to the MAC Pro store too!

I also need to give some thought to entertainment! The last time I went to London I went to see Wicked and Dirty Dancing in the West End. I love Musicals so I think I'll see what's on in August. I'm hoping Mamma Mia or The Lion King :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Amy x