Hi ladies,

This is pretty random but I though I'd share. Mascara is an essential item for me since I'm so fair but I always saw it as an essential rather than a luxury. As a result I never enjoyed shopping for them. I didn't really have any brand loyalty either so I have pretty much worked my way through most mascara's on the market, all without any love for this essential item( I viewed mascara much the same as toothpaste - just something I need!)

Needless to say, I was very surprised to feel a little excitement when I ran out of my YSL Faux Clix Mascara a few weeks ago. I was actually looking forward to shopping for a new one. In the end I bought 3 because I couldn't decide! Since then I have become mildly obsessed with the one product I never gave a second thought to. I actually look forword to applying it. In the drugstore today I found myself reading the packaging!! How crazy is that?? (I bought L'oreal Telescopic)

I have no idea where this fascination has come from! Maybe I saw an inspiring video on YouTube or maybe it's the power of advertising, either way, I heart drugstore Mascara's :)