My current favourites,

Rimmel Airy Fairy
Claire's Asseresories Lipgloss
MAC Creme Colour Base - Shell
Maybelline Power Minerals - Original Rose. This is such a pretty, warm pink!
17 Nail Polish - Miami. I bought this in Boots for a couple of euro. Great coverage and lasting power.
Laura Gellar Lip & Eye Spackle - Really great product for getting rid of discolouration.
Revlon ColourStay & Clinique Dramatically different Moisturising Gel - I mix these together. It gives good coverage but you still get a summer glow. Gives a dewy fresh look. Although the staying power is less because I don't use powder at the moment.

I really enjoyed making this video because I've found so many nice new products. I was thinking it might be a good idea to dig out some products from my collection that I haven't used!

Have a great evening all!