Hi ladies,

Hope everyone is well!

Some Amy updates:

My MAC pro card arrived last week and I haven't bought anything!! What is wrong with me?? :)
I had a bit of a hangover yesterday so I decided to peruse through MAC's website and tried to compile a shopping list. I'm having trouble narrowing it down :)

My little sisters birthday is on Saturday and she has asked me to buy her some MAC products, My mam will kill me for being such a bad influence!!

I dumped my Johnsons Holiday Skin in the bin and bought another bottle of Dove. I'm sure I'll have much better luck this time!Think I'll try the St Tropez Daily next.

I'm going to an 80's themed party on Friday and have no idea what to wear...time to ask Anna! Ha ha!

Thinking about how cluttered my wardrobe is, I'd love to pay for wardrobe weeding but figure it's a little excessive during a recession :) I should stop being so lazy and tackle it myself! I'm really bad at deciding what to keep and what to throw out!!

I have a few videos to upload one of which is a smokey pink and purple eye make-up tutorial. I really enjoyed making it! I'd like to make more!

I bought Sim 3 for the PC and I'm loving it...very addictive! I bought Professor Layton's Curious Village but I'm useless at thinking outside the box! :)

Think that's all if the shallowness floating through my mind today! I'm happily ignoring anything more serious :)

Amy x